Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a tool to grow your website’s revenue by growing your organic traffic. And unlike advertising, you’re building an asset. Learn how to do it the right way.

“Do We Need SEO?”

It’s a common question, routinely asked by professionals and business owners. It’s a buzzword that many have heard and few truly understand, and it holds a place in their hearts somewhere between the black arts and a confidence game.

Search Engine Optimization is best defined as the work that goes into making your website more findable via search engines, particularly Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but also YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other popular website that has a search function. 

Search engines, as complex and immense as they are, are still computer programs, and they follow logical guidelines like any other. The work of SEO, therefore, is the research into what these guidelines are, the analysis and discovery as to what is lacking in your site with respect to these guidelines, and then addressing these issues. 

It’s not magic; it’s a probabilistic science. Unfortunately, it can often feel like a con (sometimes, it is one!). We at Dweeso believe this is due to a lack of clear communication about what the science and the art of SEO entails.

Grow Your Revenue

Your website is more than an online business card. Make your website the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Get found by potential clients who are looking for exactly the services you provide. Sell your products online. 

Increase Your Total Visibility

We at Dweeso perform an extensive analysis of both your market and your website in order to determine if your website’s pages has the information necessary and the technical prowess fundamental to rank for a variety of keywords and keyphrases relevant to your business or practice. 

This includes keywords with a high search volume (e.g. ‘accountant miami’) but also what are known as long-tail keywords, used by searchers now more than ever thanks to voice search (e.g. ‘where can i get my taxes done near me?’).

Long-Term Strategy

SEO is a tool to grow your website’s revenue by growing your organic traffic. And unlike advertising, you’re building an asset. The better optimized your website is, the longer-lasting the effects and more exponential the results. SEO requires skilled performance and dedicated maintenance over a long period of time, and while it can take a 3-6 months to see a noticeable shift, the results thereafter can be life-changing.

How SEO Works: The 4 Main Components

It has been said that Google uses about 200 factors [] to determine how to rank results for a given keyword search. To try and digest so many varying concepts can be overwhelming; we prefer to discuss these factors into four main groups: technical excellence, content optimization, link authority, and local SEO. You can find out more about each component here:

Top SEO Metrics: How to Measure Success

The standard for SEO success is ranking number 1 for your most desired keywords, right? Wrong.

In order, the top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for SEO are:

  • Sales
  • Organic Traffic
  • Keyword ranking

This isn’t to say that ranking is unimportant; but it pales in importance to the entire reason that any form of marketing exists: sales. Track as accurately as possible all forms of organic traffic leads — forms, calls, directions, etc. — and track growth over time to know how the health of your online.

Traffic follows sales, because traffic makes sales possible. Your conversion rate is a simple equation: 

Conversion Rate = Sales/Traffic

If you can increase your traffic while maintaining (or improving) your conversion rate, you’ll make more sales.

Remember: ROI = Traffic * CRO

Keyword position is of course a vital element of SEO, in that getting found for relevant keywords generates the traffic that generates sales. But keyword prominence, especially for high-profile keywords, has taken such a hold of the imagination of most businesspeople that its perceived importance outweighs its actual. 

Establishing Trust with Your SEO Agency

Finding an SEO company shouldn’t be as painful as it is. At Dweeso, our philosophy is straight forward.

Contact us, and tell us what your goals are. Let us analyze your website and your online visibility for FREE.

We will present you with a report of everything — technical health, content status, link authority score, and local SEO score. 

We will give you options for addressing issues, from a la carte fixes to long-term monthly solutions. 

Contact our strategists today to learn what Dweeso can do for your professional business.